Modere Fat Burner Review: A Personal Experience with Modere’s Amazing Fat Burner

As a professional fitness trainer, my clients have recently asked for my opinion on the Modere Fat Burner thermogenic supplement.

This weight loss supplement claims to help users boost their metabolism, curb cravings, and increase calorie burning during exercise, thereby assisting them in losing weight.

I decided to test the product myself to see if the claims were true. I spent many hours researching its ingredients and verifying the facts about its claimed benefits over published scientific data.

Here is my full Modere Burn review.

 What Is Modere Burn?

Modere Burn is a thermogenic supplement that promotes fat burning and weight loss. Its multi-action formulation contains plant-based ingredients that boost energy levels and promote the use of body fat as fuel.

Modere, a Springville, Utah-based company founded in 1987, produces this fat burner.

It was formerly known as Neways, but in June 2015 it changed its name to Modere, Inc.

Other nutritional, health, and wellness products distributed by Modere include Modere Trim, Modere Logiq, Modere Tria, and Liquid BioCell. Personal care products include soaps, collagen products, and skin toners.

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Benefits and Highlights

Modere Burn claims to boost its users’ energy, metabolism, and calorie burning by utilizing the powerful elements of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

For about two months, I used Modere Burn, and the most noticeable effect it had on me was an increase in energy.

The product also claims to assist with:

  • Improve energy levels
  • Boost metabolism
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels to reduce unwanted cravings
  • Increase calories burned during workouts

The Mediterranean diet is popular among people who want to lose weight quickly because it is high in healthy plant foods and low in animal foods.

This eating pattern emphasizes the following foods:

  • Whole grains
  • Olive oil
  • Fruits, vegetables, and nuts
  • Beans
  • Herbs and spices

Animal proteins are allowed in limited amounts, with a preference for fish and seafood.

 Modere Burn Ingredients

 Modere Burn Ingredients

I investigated each of Modere Burn’s ingredients and benefits to see how it can help you lose weight. Let’s take a look at the full fat-burning ingredient profile of Modere Burn.

Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) – 150 mg

Losing weight may be more difficult for those who are deficient in vitamin C. According to research, vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) has a negative relationship with BMI.

People who get enough vitamin C burn more fat during moderate exercise than those who don’t. This means that people with low vitamin C levels may be more resistant to losing body fat mass.

Vitamin C is also a potent antioxidant that boosts the immune system and protects against free radicals, which can cause oxidative stress, which has been linked to a variety of chronic diseases.

Chromium (as Chromax® Chromium Picolinate) – 80 mcg

Chromium picolinate has recently gained popularity as a weight-loss supplement.

Although this essential trace element is found in several fat burners, there aren’t many published studies to back up its weight loss benefits.

For 24 weeks, healthy overweight adults were given 1000 g of chromium picolinate or a placebo. After 12 and 24 weeks, there was no change in BMI in either the chromium or placebo groups.

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 ThermoBlend – 440 mg

The proprietary ThermoBlend formula found in Modere Burn is made up of plant-derived ingredients.

Cordyceps Mycelium

Despite a thorough search, I couldn’t find anything about Cordyceps Mycelium that suggests it can aid in weight loss.

Instead, I discovered its anti-aging, anti-tumor, anti-diabetic, and anti-inflammatory properties. It has also been shown in studies to improve heart health and athletic performance.

More research, however, is required to confirm these benefits.

 Berberine from Berberis Aristata Root Extract

Several studies on berberine have been conducted to investigate its effects on body weight.

Obese people who took 500 mg of berberine three times a day for 12 weeks lost about five pounds on average.

The participants also lost 3.6% of their body fat.

Another study found that taking 300 mg of berberine three times a day for three months reduced BMI levels from 31.5 to 27.4 in 37 men and women with metabolic syndrome.

Weight loss is thought to be caused by improved functioning of the fat-regulating hormones insulin, adiponectin, and leptin. Berberine has also been shown to inhibit fat cell growth at the molecular level.

Still, more research on its weight loss effects is required.

 Caffeine from Coffee Bean Extract (Coffea robusta)

Aside from its energizing benefits, caffeine may help boost weight loss efforts by promoting appetite suppression and boosting your metabolism.

I didn’t have any adverse reactions to its high caffeine content, but I know that won’t be the case for many people. So before starting on Modere Burn, make sure you keep in mind the 180 mg of caffeine you get in each serving.

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Green Tea Leaf Extract

Green tea leaf extract, a super-concentrated form of green tea, boosts metabolism.

Guarana Seed Extract

Because of its caffeine content, guarana seed extract is a popular ingredient in many weight loss supplements. Furthermore, several in vitro studies have shown that guarana may inhibit the production of fat cells, thereby aiding in fat loss.

 Green Coffee Bean Extract (50% Chlorogenic Acids)

Because of its caffeine content, guarana seed extract is a popular ingredient in many weight loss supplements. Furthermore, several in vitro studies have shown that guarana may inhibit the production of fat cells, thereby aiding in fat loss.

Chocamine® (Cocoa Bean Extract, Theobromine)

Chocamine® is a brand of cocoa extract that contains theobromine, a naturally occurring compound in cocoa that has similar effects to caffeine but without the jitters.

It provides a significant energy boost and aids in the control of hunger pangs, resulting in rapid weight loss.

Kelp Extract (Laminaria Japonica)

Kelp contains alginate, a natural fiber that acts as a fat blocker, inhibiting fat absorption in the gut and thus contributing to fat loss and muscle mass.

 Fucoxanthin 10%

This carotenoid found in brown seaweed is said to aid in weight loss by increasing metabolism and improving the body’s ability to burn fat.

 Olive Fruit Extract

One animal study found that olive fruit extract can help prevent obesity by controlling the expression of genes that influence weight gain. When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, it can also help reduce food intake, resulting in significant weight loss.

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 Other ingredients in Modere Burn include: 

  • Hypromellose
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Spices (cassia cinnamon bark, ginger root, allspice)
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Citric acid
  • Maltodextrin
  • Natural flavor.

 How To Take Modere Burn

 How To Take Modere Burn?

Take one Modere Burn capsule up to three times per day with a large glass of water and a meal/snack.

There should be a three to four hour gap between servings.

The company also recommends that users combine this dietary supplement with a calorie-controlled diet and regular exercise.

 Warnings For Modere Burn Users

According to Modere, users should not take more than three capsules of Modere Burn per day. Three Modere Burn capsules contain 180 mg of caffeine, which is roughly equivalent to two cups of coffee.

 Who Shouldn’t Take Modere Burn?

Modere Burn should not be taken if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • Individuals under the age of 18
  • Women who are nursing or pregnant
  • Caffeine sensitive individuals
  • Those who are taking medication
  • Individuals with high blood pressure or diabetes
  • Individuals with any other medical condition